Miscellaneous Crafty Posts

DIY Bookends

Who has books?? Hardbacks? Paperbacks? Storybooks? Novels? Textbooks? Phonebooks? Notebooks? Binders? Or even DVDs? Blue Ray Discs? CDs? I know you do. And how do you store them? Most likely on a shelf. Am I right? But what happens to them? They fall over. I’m right again aren’t I? So we use bookends to hold them […]

30 Reason We Should All Buy and Give Handmade Gifts

Why should we all buy and give handmade gifts this holiday season? Because… it supports local community. handmade means quality; and a whole lot of love. someone has used their talents to create gifts and decor that you might not be able to make yourself. there is creativity and uniqueness in every handmade product. buying handmade supports a […]