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About Us

What is The Craft Basket?

The Craft Basket is a cooperative craft shop that operates in the Alton, Kansas Community Room during the months of November and December. It was started in the 1980’s to provide a selling place for local crafters. It also serves the community by providing a nearby source of holiday gifts and food items.

The Alton PRIDE organization initiated the shop, and provides the room for the shop free of charge. The City of Alton pays for the electricity and part of the heating bills. All other fees and expenses, such as advertising, are covered through a nominal charge to each participant.


How do I become a Craft Basket Member?

It’s easy to become a Craft Basket member.

  • Members keep 100% of their sales
  • $20 membership fee- that goes toward expenses- propane, advertising, office supplies, etc.
  • All items must be handmade by the person selling them – no commercial items
  • Members are required to work two 4 hour shifts ( families three 4 hour shifts)
  • Members serve on at least one committee- such as advertising, checking crafts in, store set up, etc.





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