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Tis Only Weeks Before Christmas

Tis Only Weeks Before Christmas

-by Karen Hoar


‘Tis only weeks before Christmas, and all through the state2016-1

not a crafter was resting, all up way past late;

Their creations a pilin’ up by the door

in hopes to be ready to fill up the store.


2016-5While children all rested peaceful in their beds

the hum of the sewing machine heard in their heads;

The knitting needles and chochet hooks were flashing

the empty glue bottles on the floor were crashing.


While over in Alton the room was awaiting,2016-9

sitting there all empty was just so frustrating.

Away to the cars all those crafters did run

finished projects in totes sure do weigh a ton.


2016-6The sun did shine bright across the Kansas plain;

as they drove to deliver their goods like a train.

And what to their sleep deprived eyes did appear?

A wonderful small town with such pride and such cheer!


And that community room so empty and bright;2016-16

to fill it with treasure was the crafters plight.

Box after box filled with handcrafted goodness,

they lifted and carried and checked in with sureness.


2016-4Those afghans! Those blankets!

Those bracelets, and mittens!

Oh crochet! Oh knitting!

Oh painting and baking!

Up onto the tables

and upon to the wall;

now shop away, shop away,

shop away all!


As the days slip away and the holidays draw near;2016-12

all that shopping you will soon be done with my dear.

Back to your houses with handcrafted treasure

and something for all that is sure to bring pleasure.


2016-2Then as you gift wrap all hear paper wrinkle

as the smile on your face makes your nose crinkle.

Your eyes how they’ll twinkle, your feelings how merry,

how much they will love that jam made with chokecherry!


You will feel just like Santa’s happy little elf2016-17

as you hum and you sing carols all to yourself.

2016-7Don’t speak a single word, don’t leak a surprise,

they all have to wait until Christmas sunrise

to see the gifts that came from The Craft Basket!

That great big smile there’s no need to mask it


as you loudly exclaim to those who are in site;

“Happy Christmas to all , and to all a good night!”2016-8


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