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10 Facts About Christmas Wreaths

10 Random Facts About Those Beautiful Christmas Wreaths

plus a bonus fact!


  1. The Christmas Wreath symbolizes life overcoming the forces of winter.  At Christmas, the wreath is symbolic of Christian immortality; the circular shape, with no beginning or end, represents eternity or life never ending.
  2. In addition to being used as a household ornament for Christmas wreaths are also used in ceremonial events in many cultures around the world. The Ukrainian flower wreath (vinok) is part of that Ukrainian national dress worn by young, unmarried women during festivals and on holy days.
  3. The usual evergreens chosen to construct wreaths symbolize strength as evergreens last even thought the harshest of winters.christmas wreaths craft fairs
  4. Wreaths were a design used in ancient Europe where the most well-known were pieces of Etruscan jewelry made of gold and other precious metals.
  5. In Greek Mythology, the small wreath that the Gods and Goddesses wore were referred to as a laurel wreaths. Laurel wreaths were also used to crown victorious athletes at the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece.
  6. Today wreaths are made of assorted materials from leaves and twigs to flowers and fabrics; they traditionally take on the shape of a ring. Dried fruit or flowers were originally placed in a wreath to symbolize the promise of spring and still hold the same meaning today.
  7. The modern Christmas wreath has evolved into a sign of welcoming and an acknowledgment of holiday cheer for this season that emphasizes generosity, giving, and the gathering of loved ones.
  8. The name wreath is derived from a middle English word, wrethe, meaning a twisted band or ring of leaves or flowers in a circular garland.
  9. In the 16th Century, Catholics and Protestants in Germany used evergreen wreaths as symbols of Advent. The advent wreath includes three purple and one pink candle placed around the wreath, and a white candle in the center. One candle is lit for each week leading up to Christmas the last being lit on Christmas eve.
  10. The world’s largest wreath measured 330′ 10″ in diameter and was created by TD Presmec Dolge Njive, in Volicina, Slovenia, on 1 December 2013. The wreath was made of pine, cypress and grape vine, along with other materials. It was decorated with electric lights and hand-made Christmas cards from local school children.

Bonus Fact: The Craft Basket has lots of holiday decorations for your home; including a wreath or two. Come visit us in the community Room on the Corner of Mill & Nicholas in Alton, Kansas. Open the first Saturday of November through Christmas Eve. Fridays & Saturdays 9 am-5pm and Sundays 1-5 pm — 2016 Opening day is November 5th!


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