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The Best Dressed Holiday Homes Of 2016

What The Best Dressed Homes Are Wearing This Holiday Season –

Some of the best dressed holiday homes this coming Christmas will be sporting those rich natural colors of woods, along with handmade ornaments in shades of brown from chocolaty goodness to lightly toasted tans. Tossing in a few pinecones and fresh greens will begin the wintery woodland joy that is so popular this time of year. A warm cozy afghan or quilt draped across the back of the couch will invite everyone to snuggle down and stay safe and warm at home. Light things up with luminaries created by simply placing small votives in empty mason jars and displaying them in groupings along the mantel. And speaking of the mantel; don’t forget to hang those old fashioned stockings for Santa to fill! Ohhh the refreshing relaxing atmosphere a woodland themed Christmas can create in any home.

There’s more than one amazing holiday trend headed our way and if those pinecones aren’t your thing there’s no need to worry. Dress your christmas-househome with a traditional wreath on your door to greet your guests and let them know how welcome they are. Fill the inside of your home with reds and greens to bring out the colors of the season. Gather an assortment of small tabletop trees together and surround them with red ribbons and silver bells. A few silvery accents will bring out the red Christmas baubles that dot your ever so green holiday trees. Yes; trees plural as one just isn’t enough. Feel free to decorate a tree for every room and really bring on the holiday cheer!

The best dressed homes for the 2016 holiday season will bring those handcrafted surprises into every room. Something as simple as golden hued jingle bells hung from red ribbons dangling in the kitchen window, a basic wreath made of twigs and dotted with red berries on the pantry door, and freshly pressed red fabric napkins curled up into shiny golden napkin rings will bring your guests to breakfast with a smile on their faces.

Not into the woods? Not exactly traditional? Have no fear there’s a trend for you. Those lively homes where all the cool kids hang out will fit right in with bright colors like turquoise, pink, and lime. These up-to-the-minute homes will look their best dressed with oversized boxes wrapped like giant gifts in colorful papers… fun crochet accessories in bright colors to keep the family warm while hunting for the perfect tree… and the tree decked out with unexpected pops of color with ornaments that look like delicious candies or childhood toys in every color of the rainbow… glittery, shiny, colorful, and bright stars hung from doorways and curtain rods will liven up all the holiday parties at these homes!

Whether your home is longing for that woodsy feel, dripping with tradition, begging for shining gold, or looking for fun filled days you’re sure to find many treasures at The Craft Basket in Alton Kansas that will help you get the decorating started.

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