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Things To Do & See In North Central Kansas – #12

Things To Do & See In North Central Kansas

This post is the last in a series of posts featuring attractions from natural wonders to man made oddities and just about everything in-between; all of which you can find in North Central Kansas.

Our last post in this series finds us right here in Alton, Kansas located in Osborne County. It has been a fun journey discovering this very small list of sites to see in our part of the state. Perhaps another series to find even more attractions will be in order at some point in the future! You pack a lunch and I’ll drive!Alton_Kansas_Water_tower

“In the fall of 1870…General Hiram C. Bull and
Lyman T. Earl came to a wide valley at a big bend
in the river, with bluffs to the south, and thought this
would make a beautiful setting for a town.”

A mile south of town, towering over the South Fork of the Solomon River, you’ll find the limestone Alton Bluffs. A beautiful natural landmark the bluffs are the setting for our annual Sunrise Service held every year on Easter Morning. This sunrise service has been a tradition since 1948 and all the local church groups take part.crosses_alton_bluffs_kansas

bull_city_alton_kansasFound directly across the street from the community room, where The Craft Basket is held, you’ll find Memorial Park. This little park occupies an empty corner created by the demise of two buildings. The garden is a memorial to early and current Alton residents but the focal point of the garden is a large statue of an elk. This elk statue commemorates the loss of General Hiram C. Bull, founder of Bull City, who was gored by his pet elk in 1879. Alton was originally named Bull city after the General.  Leading you to the statue is a walkway made of bricks that have been imprinted with the names of organizations and individuals who have helped to make Alton the community it is today. Also on display are four panels honoring our veterans.

For more information visit the Alton, Kansas website. http://www.altonkansas.com/

And don’t forget to stop by The Craft Basket this November and December! See ya there!

Counties in North Central Kansas include: Clay, Cloud, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Jewell, Lincoln, Marshall, Mitchell, Ottawa, Osborne, Republic, Russell, Saline, Smith, and Washington – These posts represent just a small sampling of what you can find in our part of the state; if you have visited our area please feel free to comment on the amazing wonders of Kansas that you have experienced.


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