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How To Decorate A Cheerful Holiday Tree

A cheerfully decorated tree can really light up those holiday nights and it’s not that hard of a task. It does take a little while so turn up the IMAG2199Christmas carols call in the kids and make an afternoon of it!

Step 1. Find your tree. If you are going to set up a live tree be sure to pick the freshest one you can find. One good way to test a tree for freshness is by its weight; a tree that seems heavy for its size may still have plenty of sap and moisture inside. When you get your tree home don’t forget to give the bottom a fresh cut and get it in water right away! Don’t let that tree dry out; keep it watered everyday. Live or artificial you’ll want a tree that fits your space so take note of your ceiling height and how wide of a space you have for your tree to set in.

IMAG2201Step 2. Once your tree is safely standing in your home it’s time to start decorating. The first thing to go onto your tree is the lights.  A tree that is lit from the inside out will glow brightly. Start at the bottom of the tree and wrap those lights up the trunk, out onto each major branch – back to the trunk, and on up the tree. For each vertical foot of tree you’ll want to use a strand of 100 lights [depending on how wide your tree is; you might even need more].

Step 3. Add garlands. After the lights are on its time to fill out that tree with garlands. It’s fun to use a variety of garland from wider thicker types tucked slightly back into the branches to thinner types draping from the ends of the braches. On average you’ll want about 9 foot of garland for each foot of tree.

Step 4. Place on the topper and add those colorful ornaments. The topper first! Then start with your favorite IMAG2203ornaments and place them at eye level and towards the front of the tree to make sure they will be seen. Hang your larger ornaments evenly around the tree then fill in around those with medium size ornaments and place the smaller ones nearer to the top. It’s nice to pick a color scheme, theme, or both for your decorating this helps pull everything together.  You can quickly create a winter wonderland with snowmen, snowflakes, hats, mittens, and icicles in shades of white, pale blue, and silver or bring back memories of Grandma’s house with multicolored stockings and assorted vintage ornaments from blown glass to handcrafted treasures.

IMAG2206Step 5. Finish the decorating with special items like icicles or clip on ornaments that need the very end of the branch.

Step 6. Wrap the stand in a colorful tree skirt and your done!

Don’t forget to stop by The Craft Basket in Alton Kansas to pick up those wonderfully handcrafted ornaments for your tree, decorations for your home, and gifts for your family!

Located at the corner of Mill & Nicholas in Alton, Kansas IMAG2210
and operated in the Alton Community Room
during the months of November and December.
Friday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm



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