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The 12 Lists Of Christmas

The Craft Basket is off an running for the 2014 season and it was a great first weekend!

Now that we have entered November and the holiday sales have begun it’s time to start making your plans and preparing for all those good times to come. I think that good ol’ Santa had it right with his famous list making skills.

The best way to make sure you get it all done is to start making your own lists so grab that trusty old paper and pen, fire up your computer, open your tablet, or pick up your smartphone; whatever your favorite device is there’s bound to be a great way to create lists on it. Start this now and you’ll be organized all season long!

List number 1… Your gift lists! Who do you want to buy gifts for? What ideas do you already have for them? What size do they wear? What is their favorite color? What hobbies do they have? And where will you start your shopping for each one of these people? [I do hope The Craft Basket is on that list!] Include friends, co-workers, teachers, neighbors, and family.

List number 2… Your guest lists! Who have you already or who will you soon be inviting for each holiday event you will be hosting. Neighbors for caroling, friends for drinks, kids for cookie decorating, family for dinner… Don’t forget anyone!

List number 3… Your decorating list! What do you already have and where is it and where will it go. What do you want to pick up new this year and where will you shop for it. [The Craft Basket can help with this too!]

List number 4… Your food list! After all what’s a holiday without all those favorites. What dishes will you be making, do you have enough pots and pans? What dishes will others be bringing? What do you have on hand and what do you still need to shop for? What stores are having the best sales and when?

List number 5… Your gift wrapping list! What wrapping supplies do you have? What do you need to pick up? What have you already wrapped [and where did you hide it]?

List number 6… Your list of events! What day is the kids school play? When is the church service? What night are you serving at the homeless shelter? What day is company arriving? What day will you make your big shopping trips? When will you set time aside for yourself? and What day will you be visiting The Craft Basket in Alton, Kansas?

List number 7… Your budget! Everyone is familiar with how costly the holidays can get. Make a budget list of how much you intend to spend on each person’s gift, each dinner party, each charitable donation, and each event or trip. Make this list early – refer to it often – and stick to it!

List number 8… Your craft projects! Every home needs a little touch of homemade wonder at the holiday time. Make time to create your own memories with your family and hold a few craft nights throughout the season. Make a list of projects for yourself to tackle and a list of projects to do with the kids. It’s busy around the holidays so don’t worry if you don’t have time to do them all. We’ve got a shop filled with handcrafted goodness at The Craft Basket; just stop on by next weekend!

graphic from vectormagz.com

graphic from vectormagz.com

List number 9… Your Christmas card list! Who will you be sending cards to this year? Who will get your family’s holiday newsletter? Who will you send a quick e-mail? and Who will you take the time to write a nice long letter to?

List number 10… Your packing list! If you will be taking a trip during the busy holiday season be sure to make a list of everything you need to pack along. Check things off the list as they go into the bags. Keep the list in your bag and check it again as you re-pack to return home!

List number 11… Your home prep list! What do you want to get done before the visitors arrive? Is there a torn screen to patch? Windows to wash? Do you need to deep clean your freezer? Mow the lawn? Re-arrange the garage? Get clean sheets on the guest beds? Dust off those extra folding chairs? Clean the chimney?

List number 12… Your thanks giving list! No; I don’t mean a list for Thanksgiving dinner that’s all part of these other lists. What I’m talking about here is a list that will serve as a reminder to you and your family to be thankful for all that you already have and to, perhaps, focus a little less on those other things that you think you need at this time of year.


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