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30 Reason We Should All Buy and Give Handmade Gifts

Why should we all buy and give handmade gifts this holiday season?


  1. it supports local community.
  2. handmade means quality; and a whole lot of love.
  3. someone has used their talents to create gifts and decor that you might not be able to make yourself.
  4. there is creativity and uniqueness in every handmade product.
  5. buying handmade supports a true artist.
  6. real treasures are handmade; not mass produced.
  7. handmade products are more personal.
  8. a handmade gift says “I care”.
  9. it brings back the days of old when craftsmanship, creativity and quality were paramount.
  10. it supports that all important small business.
  11. it makes a personal connection.
  12. handmade lasts for generations.
  13. the artist’s hands touched that product, he/she put their time, attention, and love into every stitch.
  14. it’s a great way to avoid over crowded stores filled with grumpy holiday shoppers.
  15. handmade items liven up a home.blogIMG_6578
  16. it encourages time honored traditions.
  17. art adds color to our darkest days.
  18. supporting a local artist gives you that “feel-good” factor.
  19. buying items that were made cheerfully and joyfully is just good karma.
  20. instead of the cost going towards the profit margins of a huge conglomeration you’re paying a fair wage for one artist.
  21. it’s just more personal.
  22. every handmade item is unique.
  23. it teaches our children to appreciate craftsmanship and encourages them to use their own creativity.
  24. self-expression and creativity inspires everyone.
  25. it rewards creative thinking, hard work, and craftsmanship.
  26. it’s not just another “thing” in our homes; it’s a work of art.
  27. art has been a part of the human society for as long as man has existed.
  28. your gifts will be cool, trendy, and one of a kind.
  29. handmade or homemade items have a warmth that mass production can’t achieve.
  30. Grandma did it and Grandma knows best!

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