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Trends For The 2014 Holiday Season

It’s about time to start thinking Christmas!

No don’t rush up to the attic and pull out the ornaments just yet; but it is time to start working on those holiday projects.

Nobody needs that added stress at the last minute.

I took a little time this week to exercise my Google muscles and found out what some of the “HOT” trends for the 2014 holiday season will be.

No, I don’t know who decides these things, but someone does all that research for us so I’m going to take advantage of it and try to work some of these trends into my holiday projects.


  • Cherry red and emerald green with white [classic]
  • Dark browns, taupe, and champagne combined with either red or green
  • Crisp clean white with pale blue and minty green
  • Dark blues, greens, and purples [jewel tones]
  • Oranges, warm yellows, and bright blues

Toys [I don’t think I can crochet some of these but maybe they will give us all some good ideas anyway.]

  • Tech toysChristmas craft ideas
  • Despicable Me [love me some minions!]
  • Legos
  • Transformers
  • Fur Real Friends and other toy pets
  • Classic board games
  • Robots
  • Dinosaurs
  • Cars, trucks, trains, and planes
  • Baby dolls, dress up dolls, and even smart dolls that talk and do homework!
  • Play kitchen and play food
  • Furby is back [again]
  • Little Live Pet Birds
  • Disney’s Frozen
  • Star Wars

Décor ideas and other holiday trends

  • Flat cookie cutter silhouette shapes like stars, hearts, and trees
  • Nordic winter/winter wonderland with snowflakes and sparkly glass globes
  • Polar bears and penguins
  • Woodland critters like reindeer, squirrels, and the good old fox [what does he say?]
  • Bold patterns like chevron
  • Vintage, re-purposed, and handcrafted items [glad to see that!]
  • Natural elements such as jute, shells, sisal, and burlap
  • Gnomes, elves, and fairies
  • and the ever popular owl as well as other bird items

Is everyone else starting to think Christmas??



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